Land-Based Casinos in British Columbia, Canada Face Pressure for a $10,000 Wager Cap The general public in Canada is putting more pressure on land-based casinos in the province of British Columbia, Canada,

to prohibit the provision of high-limit table games. According to the findings of recent polls on the topic, this drive has followed in the footsteps of a wave of casino-centric money laundering sagas. According to a report by Global News on the findings of a survey conducted by Research Co. with 800 voters in British Columbia, approximately 76% of respondents supported the idea of holding a public investigation into the numerous scandals involving money laundering that have been uncovered at physical casinos that are regulated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). It was in September of the previous year that the newly elected NDP government of the province made public a report that had been kept secret by the Liberal government that came before it. The dossier provided information regarding high-roller gamblers from China who were suspected of using casinos in British Columbia, specifically the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, to engage in questionable money laundering activities.

Unusual Behavior on the Part of British Columbia’s VIPs

As a result of the publication of this research, there has been a nonstop flow of alarming news stories, including the disclosure that numerous students and stay-at-home mothers have earned millions of Canadian dollars in cash buy-ins at the state’s casinos, despite the fact that they do not appear to have any other sources of income. A gaming investigative authority that started to raise pertinent questions in light of these results was terminated by liberals, who also shut down the authority. In spite of the fact that these instances did lead new anti-money laundering measures to be put into place, which considerably limit the gambling activities of VIPs, the most current poll showed that 68% of participants are in agreement that gaming tables with wager limits of above CA$10,000 should be outlawed completely. In March, the provincial government reported that setting a cap of $10,000 on the amount that can be wagered on table games would result in a substantial loss of annual income of $88 million for the administration.


Current Analyses on Industry Developments

Peter German, a retired senior police officer, was given the responsibility in 2017 of conducting an investigation of the gaming sector in British Columbia and providing appropriate suggestions. Additionally, the attorney general of the state, David Eby, is in the process of evaluating these proposals, and an official report will be made available to the general public at some point in the next several weeks. The British Columbia Lottery and Gaming Corporation (BCLC) has recently entered into a new multi-year arrangement with SG Digital, a subsidiary of the gambling behemoth Scientific Games based in Las Vegas, to provide it with an expanded selection of sports betting options. Since it first appeared on the market in 2010, the BCLC’s domain has made SG’s OpenBet platform available to customers. As part of the extended arrangement, the BCLC will also receive a comprehensive update to the existing online sports betting solutions. The changes are scheduled to be completely implemented by the time 2018 comes to a close.

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